Websites for Startups

The 5-step design process to get you online within 10 working days



Via email, phone, Facetime or Skype, we will find out about you and your business so we can both decide what sort of website you need.

We'll share as much information as possible so we both know who your customers are, what colours you want, what imagery and so on so we can make sure we hit the ground running.

If you opted for Option 1, we'll invoice you for 50% of the design fee now.



You provide us with you page titles, your copy (the words you want to use), any imagery, including your logo and which, if any, of our standard layouts you wish to use, or we can start from scratch.

We will also need the keywords you wish to market against plus access to your Twitter and Facebook accounts (or we can tell you what to do).

Copyright And You

You can't just copy media (eg images, music or video) from the internet to use unless you explicitly have the permission of the relevant copyright holder.

Stay Legal

You may wish to use Royalty Free media. This is media that you pay for up front but is usually free to use after that on your website.



Now you sign-up for the relevant subscription option and get a domain name.



We'll start to design your site and at the same time register your domain if required.

We'll also create the email addresses you want to use. 

As each page is finished in draft form, you'll be sent the link and we can tweak to your requirements (up to 5 tweaks per page!). 

Once you're happy, we'll prepare the site to go live & submit it to Google.

We'll also issue you with your logon details.

If you chose Option 1, we'll now invoice you for the final 50%.  Until it is cleared, you site won't go live and you won't be given the logon details.



Now you can leave the website alone, blog or you make use of all the additional functionality available to you, learning from the great instructions and tutorial videos.

If need be, you can pay us £20 per half hour to configure stuff for you (including setting-up and populating your e-commerce store), or train you online.